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Snowmobiling Is It For You – Yes or No

Have you ever thought that you might like to give snowmobiling a try or you have had limited to no opportunity to snowmobile then the following might be of interest to you.

 The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has a program called  ‘Go Snowmobiling’ – Give it a Try! Tour

Year five of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs “Go Snowmobiling’ – Give it a Try Tour” is underway!

Year four of the Tour was an even bigger success with over 800 guests joining us to find out why experienced snowmobilers love this great winter activity.

Participants get a full orientation and training before going out for a sample ride. This is the way to get a no-pressure, fun introduction to snowmobiling- so sign up today!

How Can I Give Snowmobiling a Try

This is not a service you pay for, you can get it through radio contests or filling out entry forms. Make sure to tell them why you want to try riding or maybe you’ve never had the opportunity before. Maybe you have great family memories of snowmobiling when you were younger and wish to try it now.

Here is how we found out about “Go Snowmobiling' - Give it a Try Tour”

Our local Haliburton Highlands Visitor Centre sent us this information for our resort guests in the Haliburton area only.

Give It a Try Tour With GoSnowmobiling

Jan 26-29

Good afternoon all,

The Give it a Try Tour is funded by the OFSC and is a program geared towards people who have had limited or no opportunity to snowmobile.

We provide all the gear (helmets, gloves, snowmobile suits, boots, snowmobile, etc.) along with a full hands-on orientation before taking the participants out on an hour guided trail ride. This program does not cost a thing to the participants, all we ask is for them to fill out a survey at the end with their feedback, along with a non-perishable food item as we are doing a food drive for local food banks this year.

There are still spots for

Thursday, January 26th @ 9:00 am or 1:00 pm

Friday, January 27th @ 9:00 am.

To book your spot contact Joe Barks 705-734-9932 ext. 226 or email at

Give them a call or e-mail them if your interested in snowmobiling.

Another way to Give It a Try Tour With GoSnowmobiling is to register.

Go the this website and you will see the following

The 2012 Go Snowmobiling - Give It a Try Tour is underway.

Winners (from local radio contests AND those who register and are selected through this web site), will receive ...

  • A complete rider orientation, training and testing session for safe operation of a snowmobile.
  • Use of snowmobile suits, boots, gloves and helmets to ensure comfort and safety.
  • An escorted Ride around the region where the winners will get a chance to get a feel for what snowmobiling is all about.
  • An experienced local OFSC snowmobile club rider and a member of the Go Snowmobiling team will lead each riding group.
  • We will set a pace that will be comfortable for new riders and ensure that all guests ride with care and control.
  • The ride will last approximately one hour and there will be 2 rides per day.
  • After the tour each rider will receive a sponsored goodie bag full of prizes and freebies to take home and share.


Again if interested go to this website Go Snowmobiling. You will get more information on the snowmobiling program and see the locations where you can give it a try and also register, just look for the Register Menu at the top of the page.

Snowmobiling A Great Winter Sport

Snowmobiling is a great winter sport. In my younger days I did a lot of sledding and have some fond memories of the many midnight rides with friends, and that's 40 years ago.

Everyone should a least give snowmobiling a try once to see if it's for them.

Sorry that's the only two connections I found to get involved in this program - Give It a Try Tour With GoSnowmobiling.

If you find other ways not mentioned above please leave in comment section below for others to see.

Always on the lookout for vacation things to do in the Haliburton Highlands.

Bring on the snow.....

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