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Tournament Haliburton Pond Hockey Championships

The term “pond hockey” is also often used, particularly in Canada, as a synonym to Shinny.

On this context it’s meant to describe any sort of disorganized ice hockey that is certainly played outdoors, typically on a naturally frozen body of water.

Chasing the Puck

From the early 20th century, hockey evolved from the pond into man-made arenas and went on to endure many rule modifications, additional equipment, leagues, contracts, unions, Television deals, and so forth.

Pond Hockey A Winter SportPond hockey on the other hand hasn’t transformed much from its original form – the use of limited equipment (skates, stick, puck), the objectives, rules and most notably the actual fact it is played outside on a frozen pond.

The sport takes speed, agility, strength, finesse, teamwork along with the courage and drive to combat the deepest chills of winter weather.

Yet another particular rule in pond hockey is the concept of selecting teams, which usually takes place in pick-up games.

Since teams are commonly not organized, they have to be selected before the game begins.

Teams are often either picked by designated captains or by a process which requires all the players putting their sticks within a pile in which one of the players then separates them into 2 groups, each with half the sticks. The players that have their sticks in the same group are then on the same team.

Pond Hockey Winners

There are no face-off circles. In fact there are few stoppages in play, except when goals are scored, the puck goes out of bounds or a player is called for an infraction.


Players by the snow banksIn all of those circumstances possession of the puck in turned over to the opposing team.

There are no blue lines and no off-sides, making for a great deal of dramatic rink-length passes.

There will be no referees on the ice, only rink side officials.

There are no goalies, leaving the undertaking of protecting the 6 ft by 10″ net up to the defense.

All of it adds up to an exceptionally fascinating brand of hockey, something each and every recreational player and fan needs to go through.

The guidelines of pond hockey mostly follow the same set of rules as ice hockey but are usually less strict depending on the players along with the level of play involved.

Pond hockey is a form of ice hockey performed generally as pick-up hockey on lakes, ponds and artificial outdoor rinks during the the winter season. Its rules vary from traditional hockey because there is no hitting and very little shooting, putting a greater focus on skating, puck handling and passing abilities.

Flooding the Rinks

Since 2002, the World Pond Hockey Championship has been played on Roulston Lake in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, Canada. Since 2006, the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships have been played in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Canadian National Pond Hockey Championships have been played in Huntsville, Ontario.

Haliburton Highlands – Home of the 2014 Championships

Haliburton Ontario also have their our Pond Hockey Tournament

Pond Hockey HaliburtonGetting back to basics and skating about the Pond holds special memories for past and latest players.

They have put together Canada’s largest Pond Hockey celebration for the past 8 years playing host to 1600 players and 260 teams over 2 weekends and it’s an event not to be missed should you be a fan of the sport.

  • Open Weekend: January 24 – 26, 2014
  • Masters Weekend: January 31 – February 2, 2014
  • 32 out of doors rinks
  • snowbanks for boards
  • nets 2 ft high to slide the puck into
  • no slap shots
  • no goalies
  • just skating and passing
  • 5 games for each team
  • top 16 in each division move on to Sundays Final Championship Playdowns
  • Why do they play - Just to get the Coveted Maple Cup to hoist over their heads

Pond Hockey Net

No matter if you have performed in the NHL, OHL or House league there is actually a division for everyone’s skill level and most importantly fun level for both men and women.

After the games are all completed on the pond Saturday evening come join all for the annual Pond Celebration at Pinestone Resort in Haliburton, its the most wintertime fun you could have in 3 days!​​​.

Hope you can make it to the games either by player or fan.

Get up to date information here >>> Haliburton Pond Hockey Tournament

Here is a great video, on how all this hockey play may have formed some great players from the Haliburton area

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