Mountain Bike Race

Mountain Biking 4 Hour Challenge

Great Event, lots of exercise and fun to boot

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Back Again The 4 Hour Challenge

Get your group associates in gear to enjoy a fun, entertaining and exhilarating event on Saturday, August 24, 2013

The course, 6 km in length, climbs up Lou’s Loop, Willow Loop, parts of Eagle View Loop & back down Lou’s Loop.

Cost: $35.00 per rider ($25.00 for Season Pass holders).

Price includes registration, prizes and a barbeque following race.

Prizes will be awarded in all categories .

Registration until 10:00 a.m.

Race: Mass start @ 11:00 a.m.

Race Categories:

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  • Kids Solo or Teams under 15
  • Solo Women: Under 40, plus 40
  • Solo Men: Under 40, plus 40
  • Tag Team Male Combined: Age under 69, over 70
  • Tag Team All Female
  • 3-4 Person Mixed team (minimum 1 female) Combined age under 139 & over 140

Sponsored by Algonquin Outfitters & Sir Sam’s Ski & Bike

For more information on this event and check for updates see
Sir Sam’s Mountain Biking


Mountain Biking in Haliburton

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Is Mountain Biking For You

Bike Ride Through The Green FieldsThe appeal of mountain bicycle and mountain cycling has actually considerably enhanced over the last 10 years. This is rather due to the enhanced interest in the X games, which includes the sport of mountain cycling. Millions of fans of any ages take pleasure in viewing a taking part in this sport of mountain bicycle. It is a daring exciting sport that can be rather unsafe, however it does not stop the millions of individuals from beginning riding mountain bicycle each and every year.

Mountain bicycle have actually come a long means in design and design. The mtb producers are remaining to enhance the mountain bicycle both technically and style-wise. A few of the brand-new designs have 27 gears and with the technological advances, it has actually become much easier to alter these gears. Hydraulic disc brakes and front and rear shock absorber are likewise a brand-new advance for lots of various makers of mountain bicycle.

Some individuals in our nation invest every extra minute that they can on their mountain bicycle. They take pleasure in the truth that they can get both workout and a little nature on a mtb trip. In many countries mountain cycling is preferred due to the lovely surroundings and the a great deal or cycling tracks.

If you wish to see some various views, then why rule out among the numerous trips or getaways that you can handle mountain bicycle? There are a multitude of various websites online that can assist you to discover the locations that you might wish to check out. You will have a lot of enjoyable seeing various nations and cultures on the back of your mountain bicycle.

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Mtb bikers are constantly looking for enhancements for their mountain bicycle. They could wish to make their bike go much faster or they could desire it to be more comfy or controlled. Mountain bikers are constantly trying to find methods to make their bike the very best. Fortunately is that it can be done relatively simple, simply by seeing your regional or online bike stores.

A brand-new seat or saddle is something that you can decide to assist make your mountain bicycle more comfy to ride. There are a lot of various seat designs, so you make sure to discover one that fits your specific body and requirements. There are seats made simply for a lady’s body and there are seats that assist to take the pressure off of the prostate on guys. Relying on your requirements, you make sure to discover the right saddle for you bike, which will assist you to enjoy your mountain cycling much more.

If you are any kind of mountain biker, then you understand that exactly what surface you are riding on determines the kind of tire treads that you require. Utilizing the right tires with the right tread will assist you to much better control your bike no issue where you wish to go cycling. You could likewise wish to think about V-type brakes if you are visiting somewhere new to you, you should have the ability to stop rapidly and quickly.

Mountain Bike the Hill

Two things that are extremely important on mountain bicycle is a great shock absorber and shocks. If you do not have these 2 things, then you could discover that your body could be really aching due to the bumps of riding. The suspension and shocks can assist take in a few of the rubbing, to assist you enjoy your mountain cycling much more. Your regional bike store will have the ability to assist you discover any of these parts that you require or desire for your mountain bicycle.

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