Ice Fishing Ontario

Ontario Ice Fishing Halls Lake

What a excellent way to check out a winter’s day, on a country lake with the sun glaring down while dangling a hook in a hole, they call this Ice Fishing.

Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish with lines and fish hooks or spears through an opening through the ice on a frozen body of water. Ice anglers may sit on the stool in the open on a frozen lake, or in a heated cabin or shack on the ice, some with bunks and amenities.

Extended fishing expeditions can also be mounted with simple structures. Larger, heated structures helps make multi-day fishing trips possible.

Ice Fishing Huts

A structure with various local names, but frequently called an ice shanty, ice shack, fish house, shack, bobhouse, or ice fishing hut, is sometimes used. They are dragged or trailered onto the lake using a vehicle such as a snowmobile, tractor, ATV or truck.

The two most commonly used types are portable and permanent.

The portable houses or huts are often made of a heavy material that is generally watertight. The two most common types of portable houses are those with a shelter that flips behind the user when not needed, or pop up shelters with a door as the only way out.

The permanent shelters are made of wood or metal and generally have wheels for easy transport. They can be as basic as a bunk heater and holes or have satellite television, bathrooms, stoves, full-size beds and may perhaps appear to be more like a mobile home than a fishing house.

Ice Fishing in Ontario

In North America, ice fishing is usually a social activity. Some resorts have fish huts which are rented out through the day, generally with shuttle service by snowmobile or ATV and other vehicles modified to drive on ice is supplied.

Quite a few fishing ‘hot spots’ will have ice fishing hut rentals for those people so inclined, but those on a budget may wish to go out on the ice with no hut.

Added benefits of using an ice hut are numerous, especially throughout wickedly cold weather. An ice hut allows an angler to get out of the elements, of which, wind is one of the primary concerns.

Keeping Warm Plan Ahead

Really don’t assume that all sunny days will be warm, it’s what the wind is up to and if it’s blowing cold weather. I spend a lot of nights flooding the ice rink on the lake in -20 weather conditions and it may get mighty cold.

Put on heavy felt-pack boots, watertight, and ditto for gloves and warm coat. Long-johns definitely are a must, as is a toque!

Sunglasses should be worn out on the ice, even on relatively dull days. Glare because of the ice and snow can produce snow blindness which can be a very painful and serious condition.

Great resources for fishing information

Ontario Ice Fishing – ice hut rentals, articles and news


Today’s Methods for Fishing Through the Ice

Ice fishing techniques have changed considerably over the past 20 years. The name of the game is Mobility for today’s modern ice anglers. The days of drilling one particular hole, waiting and hoping that a fish will swim by, are starting to fade.

With light gear, battery-operated sonar units, and fast gas powered augers, an angler can conceivably drill and check hundreds of holes in a single day. Once the fish quit biting where they are, anglers can shift to the next hole, checking it with their sonar first to seek out activity, and if there are no fish they will keep moving until fish are found.

Schools of fish are likely to move around, so a hole may be productive for 10 minutes and then slow down to absolutely nothing for an hour before a school returns to that location. This “fish where the fish are” technique and ease of mobility increases the catch rate of any angler, mainly because it minimizes the wait between bites, just like “trolling” in summer.

Fishing Hut Rentals on Halls Lake

Krista’s Baits N’ Bites – Ice Fishing

Family owned and operated bait and tackle retail outlet in the Algonquin Highlands area since 2005.

A lot more fish have been taken through the winter months ice fishing by fisher-folk using minnows, than any other bait. But don’t discount maggots and wax worms if fishing for pan fish.

Live minnows are undisputedly the most effective, but home/frozen minnows to good effect as well.

Regardless of whether you are a professional angler or just enjoying a family fishing weekend they offer a wide selection of brand names as well as unique locally handmade lures. Winter of 2011 they are expanding into the demands of the people serious about Ice Fishing with ice hut rentals and bait.

Great Quality All at Competitive Pricing

Upon opening Krista’s Baits N’ Bites they immediately realized the demand for a wholesale bait division. Since then they have been a major factor in the supply of bulk worms, leeches and minnows.

As an M.N.R. Approved and Licensed bait harvester, Krista’s Baits N’ Bites always has an fantastic supply of healthy live bait’s. They take pride in the harvest of bait in the most humane and environmentally friendly way attainable.

Krista’s Baits N’ Bites not only will provide you with professional friendly suggestions, but also the tools and tackle to make that ‘BIG CATCH’a reality.



Ice Hut Rentals

Rentals – Ice Huts on Halls Lake

Plans for 2013 for huts to be in front on our resort.

  • 1 – 4 seater
  • 3 – 2 seater
  • Heated
  • Bait supplied
  • On Halls Lake

Basic Rates $45/person/day

Bill n Heather (Loralea Country Inn Resort) have been dealing with Dennis and Krista since they opened. It’s always nice to deal with people that are professional, friendly and always willing to help out anyone if possible. Call by phone or e-mail them, they will give you the best deal possible for your ice fishing experience to remember.

Krista’s Baits n’ Bites will look after all your fishing needs and much more.

  • Firewood
  • Ice
  • Snacks, drinks and maps
  • Propane Exchange

Will take Interac, Mastercard and Visa

Dennis or Krista

705 489-4103


Offering ice huts and fishing bait in the Haliburton and Algonquin Highlands area. Call Krista’s Baits N’ Bites to guarantee a hut for that relaxing weekend getaway you have been dreaming about!

Who knows you might even catch a legend.

Every year three to four friends come to the resort to relax in our four bedroom cottage and enjoy their ice fishing experience on Halls Lake. They look forward to their yearly trip and this year of 2010 was a good one for them. This was the big one but not the only one.

Halls Lake Family Fishing

Halls Lake is noted for it’s Lake Trout and Small Mouth Bass.

Ice Fishing in Ontario – Halls Lake after dark will sometimes get you a ling-cod,which is an eel like fish with a head like a catfish.

It’s not uncommon to catch a 4-7 lb Lake Trout, some of our resort guests that have hooked a 4+ lb bass and the kids love catching rock bass from the dock.

Checkout Family Fishing – Fun time fishing with the kids

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