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Fleming College – They Say “From Here You Can Go Anywhere”

Campus Haliburton School BlacksmithThe inspiring Haliburton Highlands would be the ideal setting for any campus focused to innovative arts and sustainable design programming.

The Haliburton School of The Arts is famous for supplying unique and flexible arts education in Canada.

The Haliburton campus is additionally home to the Sustainable Building Design and Construction program exactly where students have the opportunity to design and construct a building making use of a variety of sustainable systems and materials.



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Haliburton Highlands Is definitely an Artistic Community

For the preceding forty years the local community of the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, Canada has been building an infrastructure to attract and support artists to the community. The area is filled with inspiring scenery of rocks, trees, lakes and rivers and is definitely an excellent place for an artist to take up residence and be creative in whatever medium suits them.

As a result of these initiatives the area gives us

  • A great number of fine artists
  • Several studio tours
  • The Haliburton School of the Arts
  • The Haliburton Sculpture Forest is a diverse outdoor collection of sculptures alongside hiking trails
  • Art galleries - The Ethel Curry Gallery exhibits a variety of unique Canadian art made by Ontario artists who have been motivated by the wild, natural splendor of the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario and the Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre is a contemporary expression of the rich cultural history of the region
  • Several organizations that sponsor performing arts gatherings


Haliburton Schoo lArts Wheel



Haliburton Fleming College The Arts

Haliburton School SculpturesFleming College the Haliburton School of The Arts - where harps and harmonicas, guitars and ukuleles are studied while quilts, violins, and timber frame buildings are constructed.

Learners retreat and families gather to blow glass, paint, throw pots, create jewellery, and carve birds.

Yoga has develop into part of the program and is paired with acrylic painting, writing, singing, drawing and meditation.

Weekly free art talks, self-guided exhibitions and professional entertainment round out the creative experience.

Children, couples, beginners and professionals can consider from a lot more than 300 classes and workshops from the Haliburton campus.

Individuals can spend a day or a week in the inspirational Haliburton Highlands.

Fleming College the Haliburton campus has something to offer to all students - Click Here >>> Haliburton School of Arts and see what they have to offer you, after all the have over 300 courses and workshops, maybe one is just right for you.



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