Haliburton Dog Sled Races

Haliburton Highlands Dog Sled Races 2012

Saturday January 21st to Sunday January 22nd, year 2012 for Dog Sled Racing

At Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre

The 10th annual Haliburton Highlands Dog Sled Derby is planned for January 21st and 22nd, 2012 at Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre.

Dog sledding here in the Haliburton Highlands is one of the most popular winter activities to be enjoyed by families and couples. Now the dogs are going to entertain us in races, dog sledding races with Siberians and Alaskan Huskies taking us for a ride around 6 and 8 mile trails.

The Dog Sledding Races and Derby

Haliburton Highlands Dog Sled Derby and the village of Haliburton is to host a world class event offering mushers the challenging landscape of the Highlands for the race trails combined with the friendliness of a small town community.

The dogsled race normally posts a $10,000 purse but this year it has been advertised as to be determined, local business owners will be receiving sponsorship letters shortly and they are hoping anyone who receives a boost in their business from the derby or anyone who wants to see the event continue will help out in contributing to the mushers purse. 

The dog sled event is run as a not for profit and all money received goes to cover direct races expenses and the mushers prizes.

The Haliburton dog sled races should attract over 60 mushers and their energetic dog sled teams to Haliburton, Ontario as they compete in 4, 6 and 8 dog races as well as 1 and 2 dog skijoring and youth and the ever popular kid and mutt races on the Pinestone grounds.


Race Starts and Ends at the Pinestone

The Haliburton Highlands is a beautiful rugged part of the Canadian Shield, located on the southwest corner of Algonquin Park, a land of lakes and wilderness. The race course is set on the grounds of the Pinestone Resort (with the exception of the eight dog race which leaves the property for two miles). The layout allows for a complete loop trail so no head-on passing is necessary. The race starts in front of the resort on a straight level trail along a pond. The trail winds its way through the Pinestone property with a combination of open straight terrain as well as some hills and some wooded area runs. The extra two miles used for the eight dog race will follow a beautiful, wide wooded trail loop. The majority of the trail used for the race will be a virgin trail – laid out, packed and groomed solely for the dog sled races. Each race offers almost to the decimal a four and six mile course.

The skijoring race will be held at the Pinestone Resort on their golf course both days,  Saturday and Sunday. The trail is four miles and offers a combination of fairway runs and wooded trails. It is the same course run by the four dog teams. The trail, true to our landscape, offers some gentle hills and is a complete loop with no head-on passing.

Veterinary staff will be on site for the weekend of the race to assist with any problems. You’ll see Dr. Laurie Brown of the Haliburton Vet Clinic, and in case of emergency, her clinic is less than five minutes from the race start / finish lines.

Teams in attendance include some of North America’s best sprint teams and hail from all over Ontario and Quebec in addition to Midwestern and Eastern U.S.A.

This year they hope to add  more vendors to the races and some events in between the different races for spectators to enjoy.  As in the past, the dog sled race is free for spectators to attend but donations to help support the races are always welcome as are volunteers.

What’s in it for the Spectator

If you have never watched a dog sled race before, it is definitely a sight to behold and hear! With the dogs lunging, howling and barking to get the races started, flying out of the start gate at speeds reaching 30km/hr and racing for the richest purse in Ontario, there is lots of action going on.

Video of 2 Dog Skijor Derby 2010

Can’t see video above click here >> Dog Sled Races 2010

This year the dog sled races will take place at the Pinestone Resort, located five minutes south of the village of Haliburton on County Road 21 (formerly 121). Races will be going on all day Saturday and Sunday with teams going out at two minute intervals so you don’t need to worry about missing them.

They anticipate having over seventy dog sledding teams from Ontario, Quebec and the northern United States. The most popular race every year is the kid and mutt race, and also unique to watch is the skijoring class with mushers on cross country skis being pulled by one or two dogs.

The large eight dog race class also offers lots of excitement!


Derby Dog Sled Race Schedule of Events

Saturday January 21, 2012 Sunday January 22, 2012
9:00am – 1 dog skijoring 8:30am – 1 dog skijoring
10:15am – 4 dog race 9:45am – 4 dog race
11:45am – youth race 11:15am – youth race
12:30pm – kid and mutt race 12:00pm – 6 dog race
1:00pm – 6 dog race 1:30pm – 2 dog skijoring
2:30pm – 2 dog skijoring 2:45pm – 8 dog race
3:45pm – 8 dog race 4:00pm – Awards banquet

The dog sled races are free for spectators to attend and there are several vantage points for watching the action (both at the start / finish line and out on the trail). Programs will be available at the race. Please support the businesses and organizations who have made this race possible.

Not a Pet Friendly Event

Please leave your pets at home as these can distract race teams. They ask that you stay off of the race course at all times. Do not make any unusual noises or movements that might distract racing teams, and please ask the musher or handler’s permission before approaching any dog.

Don’t forget to bring your camera or camcorder to catch all of the action, and support the generous sponsors. Feel free to chat with mushers before and after the race, and cheer on your favourite dog sled teams. These dogs love to work and the louder you cheer, the faster they run! The Haliburton county and village has a lot to offer – after you’ve enjoyed the days races, why not browse the local fare and enjoy what makes Haliburton County so special.

Stay tuned to their new website www.haliburtondogsledderby.com for more details as the event gets closer.

For More Information please contact:

Tanya McCready

Winterdance Dogsled Tours

(705) 457-5281


Website: www.haliburtondogsledderby.com

May the Best Dog Sled Race Team Win

Enjoy the races… for Things to do in Haliburton

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