Fang New Leader at Wolf Centre

Welcome Fang, New Male Wolf

Great News this month!
From the Haliburton Forest Reserve
Wolf Center

They’ve presented Fang, a new male wolf into their wolf pack of girls. As you most likely heard before, the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre lost all their male wolves as a result of a tragic crime.

As has been described on New Years Day, criminals have been active at the Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre around the evening of December 31st, 2012, New Year’s Eve. A part of the resident Wolf Centre pack was deliberately released by some, yet unknown, criminal elements.

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The New Wolf Pack Leader

Fang Haliburton ForestFollowing a couple of months of suspense and anticipation, the long awaited male wolf to complement the Forest’s Wolf Centre wolf pack – has arrived.  His name is Fang and he’s spectacular!  Like his new female pack mates, he is a Western timber wolf, comparable in sizing and colour.

Extreme discussions through the days and nights preceding Fang’s arrival centered on how best to introduce him.

Do they just launch him into the present pack without any preparation or do they keep him separate for a few days in sight of his future mates to ease him into the pack.

The debate raged with differing views from a great number of staff and experts, who ended up being unable to arrive at a consensus.

The risk, of course, would be an aggressive stand of the females towards the new intruder. Most important could well be the alpha female, Luna’s, reaction to her prospective mate. In the end it was left to chance.  With a toss of the dice, they threw caution to the wind and risked a “cold turkey” introduction without any prior preparation.

A truck containing a caged Fang was driven straight into the wolf enclosure. The gate was flung open. They watched in breathless anticipation … Fang very carefully emerged and then paused to inspect his new space. At first, he appeared timid – until Luna caught his eye. Luna’s initial approach in direction of Fang was confident and dominant. As Fang became fully aware of Luna, his posture changed and his timidness vanished. He not only stood his ground, but presented himself as dominant, in turn prompting Luna to become submissive … and with each other they trotted off into the forest.

Wolf Centre

Quickly they happen to be spotted on the opposite side of the enclosure, where beaver carcasses had been laid out to feast upon as a distraction. Fang, having previously fed mostly on chicken, had never encountered dead beavers before and was certainly taken by their scent. Rather than consuming them, he rolled around on them, acquiring their smell.

Since it was a Thursday that Fang was introduced, they offered their weekly public evening wolf howl. This could be the telling tale. If matters within the pack were tense or uncertain, a howl would be very difficult to extract from any of the pack. Happily, on their 2nd try, all the wolves – together with Fang – opened up and responded with a fabulous returning howl into the still of the summer’s night!

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Welcome Fang!

When your in the Haliburton Highlands you must visit the Wolf Centre at the Haliburton Forest, visit Fang yourself, the Wolf Centre is open from Victoria Day (May 24th) until the end of the Thanksgiving weekend seven days a week from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. During the remainder of the year the doors are open Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Please note that year ’round the last admission for the public is at 4:30 PM.


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Comment below if you have seen the wolves at the Haliburton Forest


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