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Haliburton Forest Reserve and The Wolf Centre

Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre

Haliburton Forest Wolf Centre Click to Enlarge

Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve Ltd., or keep it simply call it the Haliburton Forest, which is a unique, privately owned forest property existing on 80,000 acres of rolling hardwood forests, wonderful lakes, meandering rivers and considerable wetlands in the Haliburton Highlands of central Ontario, three hours north of Toronto.


One of their popular attractions is the Wolf Centre.



Wolf Centre

Today the pack - Luna and Fang, the Alpha pair, and ones siblings and offspring roam freely in a 15 acre enclosure, probably the most largest of its type in the world.

The Wolf Center incorporates numerous exhibits, a small cinema/classroom, a retail spot featuring a extensive selection of wolf associated books, CDs, DVDs and graphics as well as a large indoor observatory overlooking the feeding portion within the wolf compound.

The observatory is equipped with one-way glass and a microphone to make it possible for site visitors to observe the pack.


Needed - Wolf Enthusiast for Days Outing!

SnowshoesA March Event Saturday, March 15, 2014

In Search of the Elusive Wolf

This one day snowshoe experience will bring guests into Wolf Country with Haliburton Forest’s biologist Ray Martin.

Participants will devote the day on snowshoes enjoying some of the remote parts in the forest searching for evidence of wolves, their habitat, ecology and interaction with other forest dwellers.

Ray Martin, their biologist has considerable knowledge of the flora and fauna with ample experience seeing and interpreting the clues concealed in a winter landscape.

Visitors will obtain an insight and greater knowledge of winter ecology in total and the appreciation for survival from the top predator in this hostile environment in particular.

A specific focus of the outing will be the interaction involving wolves and their various prey, particularly beaver and white-tailed deer. Discussions on wildlife related research at Haliburton Forest will be continuous throughout the excursion.


Wolf Centre Haliburton Forest

Midway through the day, visitors will delight in a campfire lunch in the quiet comfort from the winter forest.


$55.00/adult plus HST

$35.00/youth plus HST *Youth must be able to spend an active day outside

For reservations and more information please call (705) 754-2198

See website Wolf Centre Search of the Elusive Wolf


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