Curl For Care 2013

Curling For Care Haliburton Ontario

CurlingCome Out and Enjoy, meet some new people, you do not have to be an experienced curler, get some exercise and sample the great food.

There are prizes that you can win !!!

Play three 6-end games and enjoy a scrumptious dinner for $45 per person – $180 per team.

For Registration and Sponsorship Opportunities please call

705-457-1580 or 705-286-1580

Come out have some fun and help our hospitals fund new x-ray equipment!

Proceeds Benefiting Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation.

Highlands Health Services Foundation

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What is Curling

Curling Winter SportCurling is a wintertime sport, it can be a family function or for couples during which players slide stones across a sheet of ice in the direction of a target area which is segmented into 4 rings.

I can remember as a kid making rocks from trees or used Javex bottles and playing on the local pond. Dad could not understand why I needed red paint for the lines and circles.

Here at the resort we have an outdoor shuffleboard which is closely related to curling but not played in the wintertime.

Today’s Curling is two teams, each consisting of four players, they take turns sliding polished granite stones or rocks across the ice curling sheet in the direction of the house, a round target marked on the ice.

Each team has eight stones.

The purpose is to accumulate the highest score for a game.

Points are scored for the stones resting closest to the center of the house on the conclusion of each end, which is finished after both teams have thrown all of their stones or rocks.

A game may consist of 10 or 8 ends.

Now back in my days as a kid on the pond it was to smash the other guys curling rocks (Javex bottles) out of the play area where as today there is a great deal of strategy and teamwork goes into choosing the ideal path and placement of a stone for each end.

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Past article last year Curl for Care 2012

Monies raised go to HHHSF imaging fund

By Terrance Gavan

The Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation and the Haliburton Curling Club along with Steve Todd of Todd’s Independent here in Haliburton hosted the fourth annual Curling for Care Bonspiel on Saturday, (Mar 10).

Read More

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Curling For Care This Year 2013

Curl For Care Flyer

This day of curling will be at the Haliburton Curling Club

730 Mountain Street, beside the Arena

Haliburton Ontario
Contact: HHHS Foundation

Tel: 705-457-1580


Haliburton Highlands Health Services website – www.hhhs?.ca

 Curling Rocks! As A Winter Sport

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