Bears In Cottage Country

Bears – Natural History Presentation

Tuesday August 27, 2013

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Black Bear Three CubsThis presentation will expose the audience to the unique life history of Black Bears.

The presenter will specifically discuss the status of the Black Bear at the Haliburton Forest and the surrounding areas.

This event is part of the Natural History Presentation series: Haliburton Forest offers a wide variety of landscapes, ecosystems and habitats.

In partnership with organizations and individuals, many facets of this diverse web of life have been explored over the past years.

The 1-2 hour presentations Tuesday nights will focus on this research and will be delivered by the experts themselves.

Location: Seminar Building at the Haliburton Forest Base Camp

Fee: Admission by donation to help support the scientific research being conducted at Haliburton Forest.

Location: Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve

Address: 1095 Redkenn Rd. Haliburton

Phone: 705-754-2198

Email: reservations@haliburtonforest.comĀ 

Watch Video Playful Wolf Puppy and Bear Cub

Bear Country is Our Retreat Area

Black Bears are common but rarely seen in Algonquin Park and Haliburton Highlands areas with the populace believed to be around 2,000 (concerning one for every 3 square kilometers) there is no especially excellent spot for them and you will certainly have to be extremely fortunate to see one.

Given that bears will certainly hibernate and not seek food for up to 5 months throughout the winter season, they require to locate adequate meals throughout the remainder of the year to recover their fat deposits reserves.


American Black Bear


Black Bears most commonly consume nuts, berries, greenery, or eats and pests discovered by tearing apart decaying logs.

Bears are usually bashful of people and rapidly leave your means. If they have actually had good fortune discovering meals at campgrounds, some bears shed their anxiety and begin checking out camping areas routinely looking for something to consume. These "camping site" bears could come to be devastating and consistent problems.

Human-bear experiences are unusual in Ontario. Raising your recognition regarding the value of a tidy campground, appropriate disposal of waste, and exactly what to do when a bear does become as well close will certainly aid guarantee your camping getaway or weekend retreat is a unforgettable and secure encounter.


Bear Spray

Bear SprayBear spray is pepper spray with a strength, and a propellant, specially developed to deter bears when it is sprayed in their eyes.

Know how to properly use, store, and carry this product.

Bear in mind that bear spray is no substitute for appropriate conduct in the outdoors.

Bear spray isn't unlike pepper spray that humans use to protect themselves from other humans. The main difference is that bear spray can shoot farther and casts a wider effective area. There are three main ingredients in bear spray.

These ingredients are packed into a canister with a trigger and safety to make sure that no unwanted sprays occur.


Hiking with Pets

Keep your dog away from any bears. In some cases, dogs may nip at a bear or disturb a mother with cubs and then run back to their human masters with the bear in pursuit. Remember dogs usually must be on a leash when in a provincial park and most surrounding public areas.

It is a good idea to take bear spray with you when hiking in the forest.

Bear Spray How To Use


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