Haliburton Hike Festival

Annual Hike Haliburton Festival 2015

Your 13th Annual Hike Haliburton Festival will take place this year from September 17th to 20th

Hike Haliburton is Canada’s most significant hiking festival, with a lot more than 75 guided hikes, live entertainment, great food and surprises through every corner.


Couple of hikers in the countryside

Couple of hikers in the countryside


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Hike Haliburton Festival

September 17, 18, 19, 20th, 2015

Program at a Glance - Hike Haliburton Festival is offering over 75 guided themed hikes and festival events for all ages, interests and abilities. Bring your friends and family for a weekend of adventure and fun. All hikes are free unless otherwise indicated.

Donations are welcome.

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Haliburton Hiking Festival is offering over 70 guided themed hikes and festival events for all ages, interests and abilities.

There a lot of choices to make.

To help you make those decisions below you will find hikes organized by particular interests you might have.

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Haliburton Hike Festival


Suggested Itineraries For Your Hiking Experience

To help plan your Festival experience, here are a few suggested itineraries.


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Thinks To Know Before Hiking

• Please register early for your hikes. There are limits on the number of people allowed on each hike

• Hikes will happen in rain, snow or shine unless conditions are severe. As the saying goes “there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing”

• Dress in loose layers

• Wear comfortable/sturdy footwear. Hiking shoes/boots are recommended

• Bring along a day pack that includes water, snacks, rain jacket, extra clothes, camera, and a lunch if specified in the hike description

• If you are bringing in your dog to a dog friendly hike remember to bring treats, leash, water dish, water & “Poop Bags”

• Please arrive at the hike location 10 – 15 minutes before the scheduled start

• A hike leader and one or two hike volunteers will be on hand to meet and greet and to help ensure your well-being and safety during the hike


EASY: Level to gently rolling terrain. Light hiking suitable for children and anyone
preferring a more leisurely stroll. Usually 1-2 km in length.

MODERATE: Rolling terrain with longer climbs and descents (some may be steep). Usually 2 -5 km in length.

CHALLENGING: Rough or uneven terrain with many steep climbs and descents. Suitable for experienced hikers only. Usually more than 5 km in length.

Annual Hike Haliburton Festival - Enjoy This Family Event

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  • Loralea

    Reply Reply November 24, 2015

    Changes for Hike Haliburton Festival
    By Chad Ingram

    The county will make some tweaks to its signature event, the Hike Haliburton Festival, next year.

    Tourism director Amanda Virtanen presented members of the county’s tourism committee with a report on the event during their Nov. 11 meeting.

    “My recommendation is that we really focus on hikes, which seems silly, because it’s Hike Haliburton,” Virtanen said.

    While traditionally the county has hosted both an opening and closing festivity for the festival, Virtanen recommended scrapping the launch event, typically held the Thursday night of the weekend of the festival at the Minden Hills Cultural Centre.

    That event, which has a history of low attendance, typically includes food and live music. This year it also included hiking tales.

    Instead, Virtanen recommended the county focus on the wrap-up event. This year was the inaugural year for the Biggest Picnic Ever, held in Head Lake Park, which featured music, food and drew a crowd of some 250 people.

    The director is hoping to double that crowd that next year.

    “That sort of becomes the signature event of the festival,” she said.

    Other non-hike events throughout the festival are run by partner groups, such as the Haliburton County Folk Society.

    As for the hikes themselves, Virtanen recommended limiting group sizes for hikes to 20, as she’s had feedback that on hikes with too many people, it becomes difficult for participants to see and hear the leader well.

    A maximum group size of 20 would mean growing the number of hikes to 75, to maintain the festival’s 1,500 hikes spaces.

    In 2015, there were 68 hikes.

    Virtanen also plans to make the additional hikes more challenging ones, as it’s the challenging hikes that seem to draw more people from outside the community.

    For 2016, she also plans to have the Hike Haliburton map and program finalized by the end of May, so they can be distributed throughout the summer.

    Barrie Martin of Yours Outdoors will once again be contracted to manage the festival, with a program management fee of $14,000.

    – See more at: http://www.haliburtonecho.ca/changes-for-hike-haliburton-festival

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